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Updated 1/31/04

     SAG #00041928 - AFTRA #162828 - AGVA #171722
Main# Ans. Serv. - Bill's: 323.469.9980

PO Box 1068 Studio City, Ca 91614 - kaye@KayeWade.com


Let's Shoot It!

(Very, very, early in my career)

My first Hot Rod

My pony "Pansy", me & my dad& one of the dozens of cats that lived in the barn.



Director / Stunt Coordinator:

Scrubs airs Feb. 04 Nurse

The John Henson Project (Nun Fight a spoof on "Bum Fights") airs Feb.04

Oliver Beene - airs 04

Getting Mugged (New Fox Series)

That's So Raven - 03 airs May 04

Lady of White Glove Society

Donna Pescow

MAD TV - 03

College Reunion- Volley ball

Amanda Bearse

Scrubbs - 02

Mrs. Francis

Michael Spiller

C.S.I.: Miami 02

Mrs. Dee Lawrence


Buffy The Vampire Slayer 02

Older Lady-House Owner Victim

Alan J. Levin/ John Medlin

SPY TV- Date Melee -01

Lady Attacked

Roy Eisenstein

Angel - (Fox TV) Episode 6 "Billy"-01

Lady Stabbed-Vision

David Grossman / Mike Massa

So Little Time-(There's Something About Riley) - 01

Double Wendy Worthington

M. Cendrowski / Kaye Wade

C.S.I.-Crime Scene Investigators - 01

Portia, Portrait Lady

Danny Cannon / Jon Epstein

Grounded For Life -"Like A Virgin" 00

Sister Catherine

Dennie Gordon

Evan Stevens- "The Quest For Coolness" 2000

Hassled & Run Over Lady Shopper

Donna Pescow / Chris Doyle

Nash Bridges -"The End Game"- 2000

Lady in glass at Bus Stop

Jim Charleston / Merrit Yonka

The Huntress- "Who Are You?" 2000

Broom Tussle with Jordana Spiro

Ryan Haidarian / Don Ruffin

Nash Bridges - "Jackpot Pt 2" 2000

Casino Guest

Greg Yaitanes / Merit Yonka

The Strip - 1999

15 Ft. Stair Fall with Chuck Hicks

Whitney Ransick/ Conrad Palisano

Ally McBeal

Aunt Marge-wedding confrontation, teeth knocked into punchbowl

Mel Damski / Ernie Orsatti


Jerry Springer shoots me in the foot & I beat him with a baseball bat

Linda Mendoza / Kaye Wade

Cab to Canada - Movie of the week

Doubled Maureen O'Hara

Chris Leitch / Ernie Orsatti

Family Matters

Part - Comishioners wife-chicken in the face

Joel Zwick / Buck McDancer

If These Walls Could Talk


Cher / Bob Minor

L.A. Heat

Parts - Paint Ball Victim; Doctor

Pat Statham

Naked Truth

Doubled Betty White-Driving

Peter Bonerz / Wally Crowder

Young & Restless

Doubled Jeannie Cooper-Cat 1997 Fight,Kidnapped 02

Kathy Foster / Terry James

Indictment (The MacMartin Trail)

Doubled Shirley Knight

Mick Johnson / Gloria Firamonte

Sweet Justice

Doubled Marion Ross

Helaine Head / Paul

Jack Reed, An Honest Cop

ATF Agent, ND Driving

Kevin Conner / Chuck Hicks

Golden Palace

Doubled Betty WhiteStair Fall

Peter Beyt / Kaye Wade

Wind Beneath My Wings

Dinner Guest Tackled To The Ground

Kaye Wade

Woman Scorned

Doubled Meridith Baxter-Birney

Dick Lowery / Bud Davis

Reasonable Doubt

Part -Bag Lady Hit By Drunk Driver

Bud D'Elia / Wally Crowder

Stormy Weathers

Part - Diner At Airport

Will McKenzie / Gil Combs

Heat Of The Night

Dbl - Gail O'Grady & Donna Mitchell

Leo Penn / Chuck Hicks

Hollywood Detective

Part- Meter Maid

Prod-Hal Galli / Dir-Joe Dante /Joe Dunn

Hardcastle & McCormick

Dbld- Mary Martin/Rosemary Clooney

Gary Combs

Carly's Web

ND - Into The Swimming Pool

Ernie Orsatti

Knotts Landing

Nurse; Policeman; ND Driving

Michele Lee / Ernie Orsatti


Rode Elephant

Chuck Hicks

Life Goes On

Featured - School Teacher; Bag Lady

Larry Shaw

The Pretender- Movie Of The Week

Part - Mother

Terry Morse

Double Wedding

Part - Bowler

Peter Beyt

Pleasure Palace

Part - 21 Dealer

Walter Grauman

Flying High- Series

Part -Waitress

Bruce Bilson


Part - Dice Player


BJ & The Bear

Part - Club Hostess

Bruce Bilson


Part- (4) Sec., Nun, Patron, Dealer

Mel Bishop, Chuck Bail

Fall Guy

Featured(3)Prison Grd,Train, Dancer

Michael O'Herlihy

Starskey & Hutch

Featured - Chorus Girl #2

Irving Moore

Hart To Hart

Part - (2) Nurse, Admirals Wife

Virgel Bogel,Alan Crossland

Women In Prison-Series

Part - Guard

Empire Productions



Director / Stunt Coordinator:

S.W.A.T. - 03

Lady In The Bank

Jim Arnett/ Mickey Giacamazzi

Bruce Almighty -02

Marietta Marich, Fall in Grocery Store

Tom Shadyac / M. Gilbert /Pat Banta

Men In Black II - 2001

ND Subway

Barry Sonnenfeld /Charlie Croughwell

"Ali D In The Hood"- 2001 (English)

Granny - Gun Shot Wratchet

Mark Mylod / Julius LeFlore

Ocean's 11- 2001

ND Driving

Steven Soderbergh / John Robotham

Rush Hour II- 2001

ND Stunts

Jackie Chan / Eddie Braun / C.Palmisano

Asylum Days- 2001

Dbl Marcia Moran (Nurse Gretchen)

Tom Elliott / Ron Althoff

Swordfish - 2000

ND Stunts

Dominic Sena / Dan Bradley

Extreme Days - 2000

Part -Old Lady In Wheelchair

Eric Hannah / Phil Culotta

Bedazzeled (Brendan Frazier) 2000

Dancing in Hell forever

Whitney Ransick / John Moio

Monkey Bone(Brendan Frazier) 1999

Part - Falling Lady in Nightmare

/ Dan Bradley

The Waterboy - 1999

Dbl Kathy Bates

Dir-Frank Coraci /Coord- Alan Graf

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Dbl Natalie Barish

Dir-Arlene Sanford / Stunt Coord -John Robotham

Lethal Weapon IV

ND Stunts

2nd Unit Dir -Conrad Palmisano


Dbl Olympis Dukakis & Part of 21 player/cattle prod victim

Dir-Jim Abrahams / Ernie Orsatti

Austin Powers, Inter. Man of Mystery (Mike Meyers)

Part - Mrs. Exposition (Michael York's Mother)

Director -Jay Roach / Stunt Coord- Bud Davis, Michael Haynes

Just Add Love

Part - Pool Umbrella Lady

Dir. Jesse Griffiths / Kaye Wade

Most Wanted

Part - Lady With Grocery Bags

David Hogan / Chuck Picerni

The Rage

Part - Lucille Dacy (Gary Busey's Mom)

Sidney Furie,Dick Butler, Spiro Razatos

The Fallen

ND Stunts

Dir.Gregory Hoblit / Noon Orsatti

Top Of The World

ND Stunts

Sidney Furie. Dick Butler & Spiro Razatos

Vegas Vacation

Dbl Bus Tourist

Allan Graff

High School High

Part - Diner # 3

Hart Bochner /Jeff Ward & Shayne Dixon

Black Sheep (Chris Farley)

Part- Voter In Booth

Penelope Spheeris / Shayne Dixon

Nine Months

Dbl Priscilla Alden

Chris Columbo / Glen Wilder

How To Make An American Quilt

Dbl Jean Simmons

Jocelyn Moorhouse / Dan Bradley

Naked Gun 33 & 1/3

Dbl Kathleen Freeman

Jerry Zucker,Jim Abrahams, Gill Netter /Phil Adams


Dbl Julia Vera -Bus Passenger

Jan De Bont / Gary Hymes / Brian Smurz

Naked Gun 2 &1/2

Dbl MRS. BUSH Character

David Zucker / Phil Adams

Freddies Dead

Dbl Vivian Peters (Air Ratchet)

Rachel Talalay / Dan Bradley

Fire Down Below

ND Stunts

Felix Alcala / Bob Brown


ND Stunts

Joel Kramer

Batman II

ND Stunts

Billy Weber / Max Klevin

Badge Of Silence(Maniac Cop 3)

Part - Nurse In Ladies Room

Dick Butler / Spiro Razatos

Bitter Harvest

ND Bank Person

N Trepur / Mike Long

Lion Of Africa 1988

Dbl Brook Adams-Hanging,Python,English Bedford 5 ton truck, etc.

Kevin Conner / Chuck Hicks & Kaye Wade

Kiss & Be Killed(Nightmare Wedding)

180's & 360's with Jeep

/ Bud Graves


Drove 2-up & ND Stunts

Fake Out

Part - Nosey Secretary

Matt Cimber

Indio-1989 (Brian Denehey)

Part - Secretary

Chuck Hicks & Kaye Wade

Vegas Nights - 1979

ND Driving & Helicopter work

Kaye Wade

Vampire Nights

Dbl Robin Stille

Bud Graves

Night Raider

ND Driving

Ron Althoff

Nudity Required

Part- Little Old Lady

Ron Althoff

Electric Horseman

Part - Mother

Sydney Pollock

Lady In Red

Part- Mobsters Girlfriend


Part- Choking Resturant Patron



Motorcycle Mania - Part- Bag Lady - Greg Brazzel


I Have 2 "WORKING" Jazz, Swing & Dixieland Groups ( 7 PIECES )


Music of 20's, 30's, 40's 50's +

(CD & TAPES AVAILABLE - Listen To It On FM Stations including KLON )


Vito Musso		       Herb Jefferies	        Bobby Sherwood			Chicago Six 	
The Treniers		    Pete Condoli		 Father Tom Vaughn		     Billy Kaye	
George Rock		    Murray Arnold	        Joe Darro				   Duke Mitchell		
Buddy Collette	          Frank Collette	        Gus Bivona				Dave Burton		
Dukes Of Dixieland           Jimmy Mac Donald	 Sam Butera & The Wildest	   John Norris, Hawaii  
Glen Smith		      Bel Aire Trio		  Royal Dixie Jazz Band		Bobby Milano 		
Sorta Dixie Jazz Band      The Goofers 		  Red Norvo			          Joe Venutti				
Johnny Jay		      Fire House Five plus 2    Roger Snell	            .....And Etc, Etc, Etc.....

Monterey, CA - March 2002,03
Sacremento Jubilee- May 2000,01,02,03
Las Vegas NV Jazz Fest - June 2000,01
Logan Ohio-International Washboard Festival -June 2001,02, 03 (home of Columbus Wasboards Factory)
Branford Ct - Great Conneticut Jazz Fest - July 2001, 02, 03
 Arizona Classic Jazz Fest.  Oct/Nov 2001, 02                 




LYN BALDWIN (310) 899-1166



C.L.I. 323.461.3971

Tough Talent Mgmt




Paul Kent, The Melrose Theater, Los Angeles   Allan Lee, Los Angeles   Joe Bernard, L.V.NV	 
Joe Behars' Community Workshop, Las Vegas NV      San Diego State College  
John Angelo's  Workshop, Los Angeles	               Bobby Ore's Stunt Driving School
        Honorary Member of the Stuntmen's Assoc. of Motion Picures, Inc.(The first Stuntwoman); Member of 
 The Academy of  TV Arts & Sciences    Past Treasurer, Marketing Director  & Writer/Editor of  News Letter
 for  Stuntwomen's Assoc. of  Motion Pictures, Inc.     Reflexologist  & Accupressurist  past  Member - 
Women   in  Film    Drive  standard  shift  -  either  Right   or  Left handed  steering     Raced  in  Jalopy &
Gym-kanas  in USA  &  Europe     Ice  Skate  &  Rollar Skate     Bicyle      Water Ski  &  Drive  Boats  & 
Directed Water Ballets      Play Golf, Vollyball  & Golf      Ride  Horses  &  Have Driven  a  2-up   Worked
with  Air  Ratchet    Light  Planes  &  Helicopters     Falls,  Fights      Ridden  Elephants   &  worked  with 
Lion  &  Tiger Cubs,  Chimps,   Monkeys,   Orangutans,   Camels   &   Pythons       Casino  Dealer  -  21,  
Poker, Roulette   Paint    Play  Bridge    Sew,  Crochet,  Knit    Teach  Glass   Firing  &  Ceramics      
Do   Physcometry  &  Read Cards       DANCE :  Disco,   Jitterbug,   Swing,   Ball-room,   Line   Dance,   
Square  Dance,  Waltz,   Polka, Charleston     DIALECTS:  English,   Southern,    Jewish,   Country   &   
Hillbilly     I am also Mac Intosh Computer Friendly & Co-Directed 1999, 2000, 2001,2002,2003 Annual Stuntmens Golf 
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