MONTANA SCABBARDS™ - a new and innovative design for carrying Bow and Arrows, Rifles, Fishing Poles, Golf Clubs, Tennis Rackets, etc. on your Mountain Bike, Bicycle, Motorcycles, all Off-Road Vehicles and Wheelchairs.

Weighing less than 1 & 1/2lbs. The scabbard is constructed of sturdy ABS Plastic.

Designed by a mountain bike bow hunter, it has been thoroughly challenged and field tested on the mountain roads and trails in Western Montana.

The scabbard attaches to the rear axle and the bike rack (No Tools Required) making it easy and quick to install and remove.

Take your Golf Clubs!

Take your Fishing Pole!

Take your Tennis Racket!



Only your imagination limits you to the things you can do


Some of the advantages over handlebar mounts:

  • Fits on all mountain bikes, motorcycles, wheelchairs, bicycles and off-road vehicles . (Call about rear suspension bikes)
  • Mounts on rear of the bike leaving the handle bars free to steer.
  • Yes, you do need a back bike rack.
  • I use the Blackburn mountain rack.
  • Ride thru narrow trails at ease.
  • Lay the bike on it's side and not damage equipment.
  • The scabbard is so care free that you really don't realize it is on the bike.
  • Easy to place on & take off bike.
  • Very safe for the rider.The Equipment is well protected.
  • Available right or left handed.
  • Drastically outperforms all other methods for carrying.
There are many more advantages which I'm sure you will find.

Available Today!

Specify right or left handed

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(Plus Shipping & Handling)

You can also Contact:

Your local Archery / Sporting Goods Dealer - or

Larry Wade



2601 So 7th.Str. West

Missoula MT 59804-2027

"MONTANA SCABBARDS™ is the best product I've ever found for carrying my bow or rifle on my mountain bike" - is the resounding response received from 100's of our customers.

Attaches easily to 4-wheelers!

This carrier is awesome

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