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"The John Henson Project" (Nun Fights)airs- Sun. Feb. 8th. 2004, 10Pm on Spike Tv

See Other Pix below

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"Scrubs"(My Screwup) airs Feb. Tues. Feb 24th. 2004,

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"That's So Raven"(Leave IT To The Divas-Airs May 04

& The Lying Game- Airs Sept. 04)

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"Ali G Inda Hood" Which is a top film in England & Europe now,

Jazz Festivals & Etc 2004:

Monterey Ca Jazz Festival- March 5, 6, 7,


Sacramento Ca. Jubilee- Memorial Weekend,

May 28, 29, 30, 31st.


International Washboard Festival- Logan Ohio -

Weekend after Father's day -June 18, 19, 20th.


July 4th. -Bob Allen's band


Great Connecticut Jazzfest, Moodus Ct.



Los Angeles "Sweet & Hot" Jazz Festival at The Lax Airport Marriot Hotel - Labor Day Weekend, with The Holy Cats


Arizona Classic Jazz Festival- Scottsdale Az - last weekend of Oct.


Find Me Singing At These Jazz Festivals and Say Hello!

See You There!


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** See my "REFLEXOLOGY" page for info on Mexico Homeopathic Dr's & Bio Center - Hospital **

(which I have personally been to)

The John Henson Project (Nun Fights - a spoof on "Bum Fights")

Chuck Hicks & Me in "Oliver Beene" a new Fox Replacement Series Starts airing this week - our "Mugging" in on in April 04

"That's So Raven" Director & Actress, Donna Pescow, and also with Rondell Sheridan & Raven Symone (Leave it to the Divas) Airs May 04

"Scrubbs" With Ernie Orsatti & Dick Van Dyke & with Zach - aired 1/23/03

Mad TV- Aired 2/8/03 & Feb 04 Kapa, Kapa, Kapa College Reunion - Playing Volley Ball

Miami C.S.I. with Shawn Elliott & Director Scott Lautanen

Aired Nov. 18th. 2002

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Stunt Coordinator John Medlin & Me

Aired Nov. 19th. 2002

Kaye with The San Fernando Valley Banjo Band

Me, George Yellich-Leader, Fred

The Band plays every Every Wed. night 7pm to 8:30pm at Zig's in Woodland Hills, CA.(1 block East of Canoga Ave on Ventura Blvd.)

All money's donated during the performance go to charity. The band receives no salary.

"SPY TV" with Chris Casio which aired June11,02

"Ali G Inda Hood" -I'm the Granny that gets blown away -squibbs & ratchet

"The Holy Cats" From Loyola Marymount University that I sang with at the Sweet & Hot Jazz Festival - Labor Day weekend, Sept. In Los Angeles, Ca. 2001, 02, 03

Holy Cats Jazz Band - Priests From Loyola University

Dr. Jaz (Dr.Neil McKenzie) & Me - New Orleans April 02

New Orleans French Qtr. Fest. April 02- singing with Dr. Jaz Band from New Zeland!


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Stunt Performers Stuntmens Association Of Motion Pictures, Inc. (SAMP) Stunt Players Directory Spice Williams, Stuntwoman and Actress, has Meatless Meats & Health Products. Also started Penny Lane, an abused Children's home in Los Angeles Metro Stunts Home Page, Ray Abbott in NY. Tim Werner, Stunt Actor, Personal Trainer, etc.

Various Cozad Nebr. High School

Please visit my memorial site for Cozad High School classes 1950 to today. Ron Wilson Leather Directors Chairs, Vests, Script Bags & Etc by WC Pictures, Facts, Stories, etc. Molly Parker & Joe Mayer(The Buskers-Banjo Team) Miss Vickie Parks - Dance Studio and Show Productions in Port Charlotte, Fla Shareware

For Music Lovers who want to exercise - try these--just click on either one of these: or Actress Molly Ringwald's site (Whose dad has played with my band & is in my musicians pages and is also a part of "The Boondockers" & "Fulton Street") Frank Swann,Swann Limosine-Bodyguard Service

http;// Here's some fun! -Jennifer Holtzman DDS - A Great Lady who really cares about you. -
Description is:
ZUNI BY HARRIS - Turquoise Nugget Strands, Wild Bird Jewelry, Southwestern Jewelry, Zuni Fetishes, Natural Materials,
Carving Identification window (C.I.W), Cooler Bars by Harris, OVER 100 HAND CARVED ZUNI FETISHES ON HAND

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