More WASHBOARDS & their Companions



Last day in Logan - Luncheon - (Can't wait until next year) Bevan, Wanda, Jaqui, Art terry & wife

Bill Gunter, Marsha Babcock, Jerry Sacco & Peter Babcock


This is only picture with Piano Man - Ed Metz in it. He hid pretty good in the others.



The Great CT. Festival Jazz Band-Scott Philbrick, Leader on my left (And Retired 1st. Assist. Director of TV & Film)

The Washboard Concert with the Great CT. Jazz Festival Band backing us on Sat.



Joel Schivione-

Ct. Festival Director & Leader of "Your Father's Mustach" Bands

Mike Johnson, Our Fearless Leader 01 and Danny Sullivan behind him at the "Mustach" Reunion.

Peter Babcock, "Mustach" Reunion

Chuck & Me at Ct. Fest June 01

Packing up to go home at the CT. Jazz Fest

Marsha & Peter babcock, Kaye Wade & Mike Johnson (as usual Chuck took the Picture)

Sun.- Great Ct. Festival Jazz Band Here we go! Fat Sam's Band into & playing In the Pool @ the Sweet & Hot Festival (my washboard was right in style) on Sat. afternoon

Getting Out of Pool on Sun. afternoon - Leader of Fat Sam's, Hamish is in red shirt towards right hand side "Sweet & Hot" Fest. Los Angeles Sept.01

"Your Father's Mustache" Members who were at the Conn. Festival

?,?,?, Dani Sullivan, Joel Schiavone, Peter Babcock, Mike Johnson, ? and in front Joan Dragon, (PLEASE! help me with names!)

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