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Stunts on the Dancing Death Day of "Bedazzeled" for John Moio, Stunt Coordinator

L to R. Rear: with wolf head-Tom Morga, ?, George Robotham, ? , Neil Summers, Eric Cord,?

Front: Bob Yerkes, Simone Boisseree , Vince Dietrich Sr., Sandy Gimpel, a , ?, ? Marilyn Stader, Kaye Wade, Chuck Hicks, Jeannie Epper and kneeling is Chuck Waters

* If you can help me identify the missing names, please email

Charlie Brewer, Glen Wilder, Frank Orsatti on

"Nine Months"

Stuntmen's Assoc. Picnic - 7/ 29/2000 Me,John Costa,ChuckHicks
Receiving my plaque making me an "Honorary Member" in the Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures, Inc. (S.A.M.P.) from the board members at the dedication of the new offices at 10660 Riverside Dr. in Toluca Lake Ca. I am the only Stuntwoman to receive this distinct award, however there are 5 other actresses who are Honorary Members - Lucille Ball, Barbara Stanwyck, Kathleen Nolan, Marie Windsor, and Julie Andrews.

Left to Right:

John Moio,George Fisher, George Ruge Marshall, myself, Dan Barrenger, and Phil Culotta.

Walt LaRue, a Member of S.A.M.P. and renowned Western Artist received a "Lifetime Member" Award.

Giving my acceptance speech and for fun I reminded them that they were not giving it posthumously - I am still here!

Part of the "I Dare You" Saftey Group R. Tod Lester, Joe Skorpen-Coordinator,Kaye Wade-Joe's Assist, George Colucci, and Chuck Hicks

Tig & Me on

"I Dare You! The Ultimate Challenge!"

in Las Vegas, NV

Me, Ron Althoff-Stunt-coordinator and Maria Kelly on

"Asylum Days"

Joy-Producer, Ron Althoff, Me and Director-Tom Elliott

Joe Skorpen (Car Jump Below)

Joe's car Jump Thru the Moving Train on "I Dare You!" Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures, Inc.(SAMP)

Stunt Players Directory email is: International Stunt Association

Bill's Answering & Stunt Service (323) 469.9980 (No website or e-mail at this time)

Joni's Stunt Answering Service (818) 886.8687 (No e-mail or website at tis time)

Teddy's Answering Service for Stunt People (323) 462.2301 e-mail: Spice Williams, Stuntwoman and Actress, has Meatless Meats & Health Products. Also started Penny Lane, an Abused Children's Home in Los Angeles Metro Stunts Home Page, Ray Abbott in NY. Tim Werner, Stunt Actor, Personal Trainer, etc. Pictures, Stories, etc. Famous for just about everything - Especially Wrestling, Grappeling & Judo Patricia Ripley / Shane Grier - 3 locations/25 rehearsal studios Tim Werner, Stunt Actor, Personal Trainer, etc.


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