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The original Riverside Ramblers at "Point Of View" or "POV" in 1991-92 on Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake, CA. (Los Angeles)

Woody James - Trumpet; Ernie McDaniel -Base; Eric Zimmerman - piano; Kaye Wade - Leader and Vocals; Steve Wilkerson - Reeds, Vocals & Impressions; "Spider" Webb - drums

We became the "Riverboat Ramblers" when we were mistakenly thought to be from Riverside Ca. and a country-western group.


Denis La Pron,Woody, Kaye,Eric, Al-in back, Jim, John Macgruder

The Bandleader, Vocalist, Dancer, Actress, Stuntwoman, Mother, Grandmother, etc.....etc..........

Other "Band Uniforms"

Everyone has fun!

Kay O'Niell -Our Cheerleader, Publicist, etc.

We couldn't do without her!



Eric Ekstrand - Piano and vocals

Jim Bates - Bass, Vocals and Arrangements


Denis La Pron - Drums,Vocals, Baritone,Bassoon

John Magruder - Reeds and Vocals


Woody James - Trumpet, Vocals

Al Reimen - Trombone, Cornet and Vocals

Mike Silverman-Trumpet, vocals

Darryl Winsome-Reeds

John Tamburi-Drums

John Boliver - Reeds

John E. Oliver - Banjo, Guitar,Vocals and Producer

Deceased 5-11-96

Roger Lowe - Drums and Vocals

George Mosse - Reeds and Arrangements



Steve Wilkerson-Reeds, Vocals

Dick Dororthy - Bass

Jeff Kaye -Trumpet

Dick Broadie- Bass, Clarinet

Skip Waring -Trumpet

Dennis La Pron,Jim Bates, Eric Ekstrand, Kaye Wade, Al Rieman, Roland Robertson and Dick Park - at Crazy Jack's in Burbank

Morty Jacobs (George Burns' accompanist until George's death) sitting in with us at Passion

Nancy Wiebel and Me at The Santa Clarita Jazz Club

(*Pictures Not Available At this Time) Bob Ringwald - Piano & Banjo, Val Schafer- Base, Lee Silver - Reeds, Ken Tussing-Trombone, Gerry Hart-Piano, Bruce Gifford - Trumpet, Nick Cary - Bass, Tony Giamo - Reeds & Vocals, Dane Dexter - Piano & Cornet, Bill Madison - Trumpet, Jim Richardson - Reeds

Loyal Fans: Chuck Hicks, Kay O'Niel, Lucille Levin,Evie Fiorani, and Floyd Levin

Every One Dances and a Good Time is had by all!

More fans & Lynn Walsh, Stuntwoman & Kay O'Niell

I make and bring umbrellas to pass out so our patrons can "second Line" dance and have fun with us.

Sandy Gumpert &Bernie Grundhoefer of Birmingham, AL. at the French Qtr. Fest '98

Don Gumpert, Cornet; Terry from England and ? at French Qtr. Fest '98


Bobbie Norman of the "Kaiser" commercials came and sat in @ Equestrian Center Resturant

Bing Crosby Autographed this, one of the several years that I sang at his Golf Tournament (with Mike Marotta). In case you can't read it, it says "To Kay, Thanks for being on our show".


Remember When?

< - - - - it was

"The Royal Dixie Jazz Band" first.

And Then - "Sorta Dixie"

And Now - "Kinda Dixie"

This was sort of the beginning.

I was 4 yrs. of age and the High School Band Mascot in Cozad, Nebr. when this was taken

- - - - - - - - >

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