Tinsel Town Ten + or - a few, at Travel Town Trains in Griffith Park Zoo for the

Women In Theater Celebration - Los Angeles, CA

e March 6th. and March 20th.1999e

From left: Al Rieman,Kaye Wade Mike Silverman,Annette Davis, Dexter Scott, Christine White on drums-behind Dexter, June barnes on Base, Katie Cavera on Banjo- later Eric Ekstrand joined us on Piano, and on the 20th. Dennis Lapron played Drums, Robert Butler played trumpet and Bob Garder on reeds.

Bob Ringwald & Me at the Face2Face in Sacremento at the Dixieland Festival Memorial Weekend 2000

Myself & Harry Epp of Florida with Bob Ringwald in the background

Last Chance Jazz Band, Don West - Leader,Trumpet at Missoula Mt. Jazz Fest

A Great Festival!

Missoula MT last weekend of June!

L. to R. Jimmy Russell-Guitar,Banjo,Vocals; Tommy Quigley, Drums, Vocals; Me- Kaye Wade - Vocals, Tambourine & Washboard; Ron DiFillips, Piano, Vocals; and in front our leader Johnny Jay on Trumpet, Reeds, Piano, Banjo, Vocals & etc.

at the Palace Station in Las Vegas

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