Kaye Wade's private collection of pictures from Film & TV that she has worked in doing Stunts or as an Actress or both.. Page 1(aka Kelly Darro-4 yrs for Casting Purposes in the '80's)Pictures on this page include: "Austin Powers" "Ally McBeal" "Mafia" "MADD TV" "Naked Gun 2 & 1/2" "Naked Gun 33 & 1/3 ""Nine Months" "Golden Palace" "In The Heat of The Night" etc.

Me as "Aunt Marge" on ALLY McBEAL - had my teeth knocked into the Punchbowl at the wedding. Feb. 98

Stunt double for Olympia Dukakis

during the funeral scene in Jane Austin's "Mafia"

Opens Summer of '98

"MADD TV" with Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer & me (the ugly older one) on a MADD TV spoof of his show. He couldn't get his audience to fight so he shot me in the foot and I hit him with a baseball bat and stomp on him!

More "Mafia" - Cindy Folkerson and I get hit with a Cattle Prod while I play 21 as a spoof on the movie "Casino"

Naked Gun 2 &1/2 -The Smell of Fear"

at the dinner table & Off the Balcony


 Michael York's Mom (Mrs. Exposition)

in "Austin Powers" (Mike Meyers)

When he punches me out & tries to pull my hair off -You know, Baby! - "That's a Man or else she's been

Hit with an ugly stick!"



"Naked Gun 33 & 1/3" Doubling Kathleen Freedman and with Stunt Coordinator Phil Adams who is laying out the walking line for me in the 80lb. applause sign.

"FAT Pads! More Fat Pads & Guess what - Yes, again!

"Naked Gun 2 &1/2" "Naked Gun 3" "Nine Months"

TV Series "Heat of The Night" with

Carrol O'Conner on location in Louisiana


Gail O'Grady & Me in "Heat of the Night"

Doubling Patricia Alden on "9 Months" in San Francisco

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