Film & TV.6 Golden Boot 2000 & Western autograph signing Plus...

Phil Culotta & Me (as Old Lady in Wheel Chair) in Extreme Days

Chuck Hicks, our good friend Don Laughlin, and me

Robert Blake & Me at the Golden Boot Awards -

August 12, 2000

Andrew Prine, Bob Fuller & Me at the

Golden Boot Awards 8/2000

Chuck Hicks, Me & Morgan Woodward at the Golden Boot Awards 2000

A.C. Lyles, Paramount Producer and of course, me

My winning shot for 1st. place at the Polish Golf Tournament for The Children's Hosp. 1995

Me & My Team at the "Roy Rogers Celebrity Golf Tournament - Aug. 21, 2000

Honda Commercial - Too bad - Never shown

More Honda - Long way down!

Phil Chung,Liza Coleman, Me, Nick and Cindy on "Swordfish"
Linda, Phil Chung, Me, Peter Stater & Cindy Folkerson- "Swordfish"

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