FILM & TV.4 Pictures include: 98 Emmys, Mystery Men, Heat of The Night, Johnny Dangerously, Blink Of An Eye, Two of A Kind, Women In Prison,etc.

Revised 9/25/00

Heat Of The Night in Louisiana

"Blink Of An Eye"1998 Feature Movie. Director Van Fischer, Chuck Hicks, Actor-Cory Buck and Kaye

John Travolta & Kaye working on set of

"Two Of A Kind"



Sharky & Cory in "Blink of an Eye" '98

EMMY'S 9-13-98

Carl Scholtz & Annie Ritter, Chuck Hicks & Kaye Wade, Ron & Carrie Althoff

Frank Swann's Limosine, Picture by Starko

William Macy (a real sweetheart) and me in "Mystery Men". A Universal Feature Movie out now.

Mickey Gilbert, Our Illustrious Stunt Coodinator on Mystery Men

A Lunch Time Out - Kaye & Chuck Celebrity Bowling with the kids in Annehim at Olivecrest Homes For Abused Children '98

More Of Olivecrest

Chuck & Me in "Johnny Dangerously " - He playedthe part of the Mayor

Denny Dillon - Matron

"Women In Prison"

Blake - Warden

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