FILM & TV.3 includes some publicity shots and Bag Lady in "Reasonable Doubts", "Night Court, "Life Goes On"; Pictures of "Sweet Justice" and Doubling Kathy Bates in "The Waterboy" etc

"Life Goes On"

"Night Court"

"Reasonable Doubts"

David Zucker & me with killer bees into the swimming pool in a wheelchair

"For Goodness Sake"

Me as Mrs. O'Malley being tripped out the 3rd. story window and into the dumpster in

"For Goodness sake"

Christopher Nance at the annual

Roy Rogers Charity Golf Tournament


I really enjoy playing in the Charity Tournaments

Cheeto's commercial



My "School Teacher Look"

"You want me to do what ??!!"

St. Elsewhere

"Brooklyn Bridge" &

"All That Glitters"

Don't Iwish I still looked like this!

Dale Evans & Roy Rogers at their Annual Charity Golf Tournament 1996


Kathy Bates & Me at "Do It In The Dirt" Motorcycle & dirt Bikes Race 2000

Rick Sawoya, Alan Graf - Stunt Coordinator & Me (Yes, again I got to take it easy & wear Fat Pads). Watch me do a flying Hitt'em Hard! Tackle Doubling Kathy Bates in "The Waterboy"

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