More FILM & TV.2. Including "Cab to Canada" "I'll Be Home For Christmas""Most Wanted""Lion Of Africa" "Black Sheep" "American Quilt" "Young & Restless", Etc.

"Most Wanted" with Keenan Wayans. I was the grocery Bag Lady that he ran into . I recognize him & turn him in.

"Black Sheep" with Chris Farley. I'm in the voters booth that tips over & I hit him with my purse & call him a Stupid Jerk!

Jean Simmons in "American Quilt"

Jeannie Cooper in "Young & Restless" when she has the knockdown fight with her ex-daughter in law outside the courtroom.

"Freddie's Dead"

Dan Bradley, Stunt Coordinator & Special Effects fastening me in for the ratchet shot thru the airplane roof.

Me, Natalie Barish and Alyssia

in "I'll Be Home For Christmas"

I did the driving work for Natalie (Darlene)

Kathleen Freedman, Me, John Robotham - Stunt Coordinator on "I'll Be Home For Christmas"

Brooke Adams &me on location in Narobi, Africa

in "Lion of Africa"

HBO's first movie for TV

Truck stuck in the Mud

Like The way I park my truck?! "Lion of Africa"


Chuck Hicks doubling Brian Denehey & me Doubling Brook with my famous truck - the "Lion of Africa"

Brian Denihey in

"Lion of Africa", "Jack Reed", and "Indio"

Marion Ross

"Sweet Justice"

Maureen O'Hara

Doubling Maureen O'Hara in "Cab To Canada"

when her purse is stolen by Joey Anaya (the Thief) & he throws her to the floor (airs in Nov. on ABC)

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